Saturday, November 16, 2013

This blog will no longer be updated

Hey guys, just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who's followed or read my blog, which I've kept from 2006-2013. It's been a fun journey having that blog-shaped space to fill. 

You can now find me on or any of the following music/culture sites below. I'm also @miss_scribbler on Twitter

Stay in touch and hopefully see you online somewhere! 

The Amy Riley Blogger blog began on 28 February 2006, launched with a photo of me and an oversized bunny.
DS suggested that I looked like I was being taken hostage by the man-sized bunny. I was not. I was trying to have a VERY IMPORTANT phone call and he was making sure I didn't fall over. It was all well-timed.
I wrote 3 posts about blogging, being unemployed for the first time in my adult career and various creative projects I had on the go.
It's the first time I've ever signed on in my life and I'm a little worried about getting rejected, if only because that's all that's been happening since I've been going on job interviews. 
This blog wasn't my first blog - my first was (2000-2004), which I put together from scratch via HTML. Wish I'd thought a bit more about the domain name as it bore me a lot of strange spam.

Looking at my early posts, it's great having the chance to reflect on my former self and laugh. (with myself and at myself). To observe how much your blogging style has changed over the years. My early blogs were all stream-of-consciousness drama-ridden tales of my every day life.

The blog was my diary, in effect. It was my place to exercise my writing skills, play with form and language, and just keep people up to date on what I was doing. The blog charted all of my art and writing projects, tracked my social life and failed relationships in perhaps too much detail, and allowed my brain to spill out in the public domain, which may or may not have been a good thing at the time.

My most popular post was about costume options for an 80s theme work Christmas party, with something like over 4000 hits!

Once in 2007 I even got political and did my own round up of local elections in Brighton (why?)

  • North Portslade sees yet another year of Bob Carden. Party blowers anyone?
  • Patcham, Rottingdean & Withdean -- another Conservative blowout.

Sometimes I published writing written by other people, such as the lovely Huraki Murakami story "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning" and this extract from a friend's story.

"Went for lunch in the Harvesters with Ken. Half way through the meal I considered suicide. Ken had Nachos, they looked much nicer than what I had ordered, isnt that always the way? There should be some sort of system where before you have to choose, they bring you out miniature versions of the meals to try. Decided to put off suicide till Id come back and tried the Nachos."

Most important, the blog was my friend. So, on that note, I'm going to keep the blog up and let enjoy its retirement in style. 

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