Saturday, March 03, 2012

End of Detox trial

Right, so in the past week I managed to last for four whole days of what is, from what I'm learning, one of the toughest detoxes to undertake. It was a single glass of premeditated prosecco that tipped the regime. I knew that my trial was just a 'trial', what with Thursday's handbag auction at a local cafe and my birthday drinks on Friday so no serious guilt about my boozy diversion.

What have I learned from my trial?

1. Detoxing is not easy.

I've spent the week largely feeling dizzy, a bit spaced out and sometimes really tired. I passed out whenever I was on trains, watching films on my laptop, any spare time when I wasn't at work. A detox is not easy to carry out when you've got a mountain of work during the week: my work isn't buy, buy, sell, sell but I have to be on top of my game.

2. There are certain foods I miss and there are some I don't give a shit about.

I didn't mind cutting out so many foods and substances from my life, but due to the restrictive nature of this programme's Level 3, I also couldn't have legumes, rice, oats and members of the nightshade family, my favourite of course being corn. Come on, I'm a native Texan with three-quarters Mexican blood running through my veins. Corn is essential. Not eating potatoes and tomatoes didn't bother me that much, nor did giving up wheat or dairy.

3. I can live without coffee, tea and Coke.

Formerly, they propped me up. I honestly believed they did my work for me. What I've learned this week is that, without them, my life doesn't fall apart, I'm still as productive and focused.

4. Booze is a bit overrated.

It feels good to come to this point, this take it or leave it attitude. Especially living in such a boozy country, you forget what it's like to take a break. I can look at a glass of wine and no longer think that it's the road to nirvana (unless I've had a media nightmare, that is!). And after last night's birthday blowout, with untold numbers of shots and drinks, I woke up reaching for the milk thistle, teas and water (and ibuprofen), wanting to cleanse the toxins out.

5. There are some fascinating recipes out there.

A friend just alerted me to this raw diet website The Raw Chef, which has some pretty awesome looking recipes, all made without cooking. A lot of interesting creative substitution which I can definitely take tips from. I'm seriously all over these recipes. Pomegranate Cheesecake with Clementine Gelato - largely fashioned from cashew nuts, agave, coconut oil and almond milk. Pink Nori Sprout Rolls - the pink sauce is made of cashews, beetroot, lemon, and a bit of water. And Falafel Hummus wrap with Mediterranean 'Roasted' Vegetables - the wrap is made with courgettes, falafel is made with pumpkin seeds, olives, sundried tomatoes and loads of spices, and the hummus is made of mac nuts, lemon and tahini.

We'll see what next week holds. More to come on this detox front, I'm sure. 

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