Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2 of Detox Trial (read: Detox Hell)

Today was painful, in a word. I was woken up by the worst headache and memories of creepy dreams. In the night, I dreamt about a woman who went out with a man who kidnapped her and kept having reconstructive surgery to his face to keep her interested in him. Only he was hideous. He was big, ginger and had acne scarred cheeks. The surgery did little to make him attractive, only continuously change the way he looked, in differing unattractive ways.

It was a struggle to walk to work. I was dizzy again and spacy and it was another shit grey day in England. My mood when I got to the office was low. I knew I would the withdrawals would make me irritable. But you never can be quite sure what that actually means or how much it manifests itself.

For me it was irritability, followed by pure exhaustion. For the first part of the day, everything and everyone seemed irritating and somehow off. What to do? I felt like the office grump, and not in a cool way. Then around 1pm, I hit a wall of exhaustion which lasted for about two hours. It felt like really bad jetlag. Trying to force myself to work and be the buzzy productive person I normally am was torture. All I wanted to do was put my head down on the desk and sleep.

But then something amazing happened. At about 3 or 4pm, my mood picked up and I was awake. I probably could have stayed at work for a lot longer than I did. I'll try to go to sleep earlier and see if that helps tomorrow. No more walls of exhaustion!

The other thing that is annoying me is the lack of real detox diet recipes online. I've found a few that are lovely to look at and have delicious recipes - but they all contain foods I can't have. Bananas, chocolate, sugar replacement. What are they detoxing from, I wonder?

I did find a lamb kofta recipe that I want to try (minus the tomato) which includes a nice garlic lemon sauce. I'm desperate for sweet things: dates, goji berries, fruit of any description only in a desert. Looking for any recipes with dates and coconut oil.

I know I will never get so desperate that I will look on a raw food diet website (although they might have some good desert recipes, come to think of it....)

Last thing: I can't sleep!

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