Saturday, July 23, 2011

Training for Berlin Marathon

So, quite a few people have probably heard that I'm training to run my first marathon. My first is the Berlin Marathon, deemed the flattest course of all marathons, and with it being in my favorite month of the year, September, I was taken with the idea of a new challenge, running through the city's beautiful parks and downtown.

Tomorrow will be the end of week 4 of my training. My optimism and excitement about doing the training and then actually completing the marathon has wavered wildly. From delusional euphoria
After seeing an osteopath for the extreme pain in my hip, which I developed shortly after doing the Brighton Half Marathon, I've managed to more or less get back to normal. But the training, with its shorts running bursts and long runs on Saturday and Sunday, haven't necessarily been smooth sailing. 
Week 1 (27 June - 3 July) > 19.85 miles
Felt good but it was hotter than hell in Brighton. 
Week 2 (4 July  10 July) > 15.14 miles 
Started the week with hill training. That was fun. But how I got up on Sunday after partying for two nights in a row (and being woken up by my Texan friend at 6am) and managed the 9.4 miles I will never ever now. Again, fucking hot. 
Noticing that the only thing that pulls me through the long runs is the vision of me sitting down with a roast and a glass of wine in a pub. Perhaps not the best motivation!
Week 3 (11 July - 17 July) > 9.07 miles
Not my best week. Having visitors, evening events or meetings - all excuses for pub and drinking culture - have taken their toll. Gave myself the week off, apart from Saturday and Sunday.  
Week 4 (18 July - 24 July) > about 10- 15 miles TBC
Again, not my best week. I did one hill sprint on Wednesday, but skipped Thursday. Too much bloody work on. Today's run was 5 miles through Oxfordshire canals and meadows and tiny villages. Lovely, but not feeling the most fittest of runners. 
Week 5 (25 July - 31 July) > all to be revealed in the next blog, I guess!
I'm actually training for Berlin with my mate Kat. Today was our first run together. She's a slightly better runner, averaging 6 miles per hour to my 5. But we're both full of pains and injuries and trying to work out what is the best way forward. Dodgy hips, shinsplints, stiff achilles heels, numb feet. It was good to run and compare stretching and running tips, and we eventually got into a good rhythm - right before we were finished!

A week ago I was close to throwing in the towel. BF said it seemed a shame, when I was only at the start of training. And now, I'm thinking maybe I can get into this. Read up on Runner's World, start making minor improvements to my diet. I've still got August and September to get better. 

Kat and I have reasoned that at least we know that we can do 13 miles; the rest will be a mystery combo of running and walking. For the moment, I can stress about my Sunday runs turning into 13 and 15 miles. WTF!

If you're interested, here's the training programme I'm using: Marathon programme for Breakthrough Breast Cancer (although I'm not necessarily running for them, I should probably consider it, they're site is a great resource for runners). 

I'm also Runkeeper to keep track of my runs > I'm amyriley

I'm running for Audioactive, a children and young people's charity in Brighton. If you're interested in supporting, maybe you'd like to come along on Saturday 20 August to our one-day Audioactive Summer Festival at Hanover Community Centre, Southover Street, Brighton, 12-8pm. Again, all proceeds go to the charity for their programmes. 

Advanced tickets or to simply donate to the charity, see: http://audioactivesummerfe​

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