Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marathon training starts tomorrow: sweatbands

Everyone thought I was being really '80s when I wrote on Facebook that 'I was shopping for headbands'. How wrong could they be? Sweatbands are the new portable hand fan, the new

So I've been looking for headbands, on and off, for about three days. It's been more off than on since Sky don't seem to prioritise Council estates for decent broadband. Apparently, broadband has reached an all-time low for most of the people I work with, which made me quickly shake my half-baked paranoid theories. The more likely reason is that a lot of people are shafted by the most basic of services like internet.  It's all probably going to Korea.

A woman I work with said she'd heard that people are chipping away metal, that's something to do with the drop in service. I think I might go back to the socio economic conspiracy theories.

The broadband seems to be working just fine now. As if to spite me.

Tonight it took me about an hour to move past the novelty day-glo and imports from America. Like why would I want to pay £3 to ship a piece of fluffy elastic? 

My first decent find is a Lebanon headband and wristband set . Red and white striped with a pine tree in the middle.

Perfectly attractive until I bid and then was told I was outbid, probably by myself. This sort of insanity could keep going on forever.

Also I noticed the postage was £4. Like - what? The postage is the same as the American counterparts, which seems crazy considering it's an extended bit of fluff, weighing slightly more than a ping pong and less than a book.

I hope I don't win.

ps - please someone outbid me

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