Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old books make light reading

" 'There are three things that I like,' Amanda exclaimed upon awakening from her first long trance. 'These are: the butterfly, the cactus and the Infinite Goof.'

Later she amended the list to include mushrooms and motorcycles.

While strolling through her cactus gardens one warmish June morning, Amanda came upon an old Navajo man painting pictures in the sand.

'What is the function of the artist?' Amanda demanded of the talented trespasser. 'The function of the artist,' the Navajo answered, 'is to provide what life does not.'

Amanda became pregnant during a fierce thunderstorm. 'Was it the lightning or the lover?' she was sometimes heard to muse.

When her son was born with electric eyes, people no longer thought her foolish."

- from a slightly water warped version of Tom Robbins' 'Another Roadside Attraction'

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