Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trash Menagerie (the site I write for) has been nominated !! Votes in !!

News flash - the site that I write for, Trash Menagerie, has nominated by Dazed Digital, as one of the top 15 music blogs in the world. We're all quite chuffed at the nomination; needless to say, we're wetting ourselves that we might actually win. Never heard of Dazed Digital? It's the online version of cooler-than-thou art/music/culture monthly magazine Dazed & Confused. Apart from the obvious fame and glory, Trash will be featured in the Dazed October issue and will also receive £500 worth of G-Star product if chosen as the winners for the music section. I/we would love it if you voted for Trash Menagerie - and you can do so here: Voting ends on 31 August.
Muchos besos for your support.
About the Dazed Raw Blog Awards: "We don't need to tell you that blogs have been exploding in the past few years, growing in numbers, in influence and in quality. The Dazed Digital team alone read 300 blogs and on a day to day basis, we're constantly checking out, bookmarking and subscribing to new ones. So we have decided to get our bloglovin' habits out there officially and in association/collaboration with G-Star, we present our first ever Dazed Raw Blog Awards."

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