Monday, January 12, 2009

Donnie Photos - Christmas 2008

Donnie going wild!

Donnie & I recently spent Xmas in Amersham with the Hardman family, having been invited by my friend Kat. During our stay, Donnie lived on the floor of the breakfast dining room. The Hardman family were enchanted by their unexpected little guest, taking his towel off every morning so they could sneak a peek at him.

Donnie, who had his second birthday on 19 August 2008, was on top top form this year. Christmas day started with a stocking that he received from Santa, filled with chocolate drops and hard orange hula hoop treats, which he stuffed his cheeks with. I received a nice present from Donnie (a first!), tubs of chocolate and tropical fruit body butter. 

He came out several times to meet the family and visiting friends on Christmas day and everyone remarked what a nice personality he had. Later in the afternoon, I arranged for a photo session for Donnie, as Kat's brother Will received a camera for Christmas. 

Donnie in a quiet, modest moment, looking like the Robert DeNiro of the rodent kingdom. 

Overall, he seemed fat, healthy and happy, although when we came back to Brighton, he caught a slight cold and his eyes sealed up for a while. I'm not sure if it was the exposure to the cold weather due to this cold snap, but I can report that he's mending nicely now and has this year decided to go for a minimalist look for his crib, with a magenta bauble and a string of yellow plastic flowers along the top, which he hopes will kick off the year in a positive but lean way. 

Me and Donnie chilling in the dining room. 

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