Friday, September 19, 2008


I recently went for a reporter job at Digital Spy, for which I had to write three news articles and a review of a single on the UK top 10. I wrote a news article about Russell Brand's performance as host on MTV's VMAs and how he's just been getting absolutley RUBBISHED online from the Americans right-wingers. Some of the comments were just classic, but there was one that had me aching with laughter.

pinkcathy 09.14.08 | 7:53 PM

When you're #1, everyone is jealous, RUSSELL BRAND = UGLY ENGLISHMAN, Russell how would you like it if we got on BBC and talked s**t about the Queen? Hope you enjoyed your 15 minuites of fame, your career won't be long lived. Your a flash in the pan and so 15 minuites ago. Russell you sure didn't do Obama any favors!
It's an all-time high for celebrity hate mail. Have a look - the venom keeps increasing tenfold every day. Poor Russell. Do you hate him as much as the Americans do? Perhaps for other reasons. Let me know. If you missed the VMAs and want to know what happened, read my 'article':
Video of Russell Brand’s MTV appearance attracts thousands of hate messages Comedian Russell Brand failed to impress American viewers when he hosted 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, who have hit back on MTV’s website with 6495 comments about the footage of the night. Brand was criticised for public endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, but what most riled up American watchers, according to comments made on the site, was his appearance as Osama bin Laden. Outraged comments include, “Thousands of Americans lost their lives on 911 and this so-called ‘genius’ Brand thinks it is a big joke and mocks us the day after by dressing up as Osama.” The barrage was recently featured ridiculed on UK weekly celebrity gossip website and newsletter, Popbitch. The award footage, which isn’t available for viewing outside the US due to copyright restrictions, was uploaded on the MTV site following the ceremony on 7th September 2008.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

what are people like? A hurricane bigger than your own state comes for a visit and you decide to stay in.

"When I woke up, my bed was floating in the house," said David Daubuisson, a handyman who narrowly escaped from his home in Bayou Vista. "I just took what I could and got out."
AT about 8am this morning, Hurricane Ike slammed down on Houston, in my home state of Texas. Nearly a category 3 storm, the hurricane delivered 20 foot wall of waves and whiplash winds. Fuck me. Despite officials belting out urgent orders for people to evacuate homes, some cowboys decided to stay fixed in their easy chairs and split open a brewsky. "It's not a time to play chicken with the storm," U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said on Friday. Two words spring to mind: NO SHIT. Hurricane Ike slams into populous Texas coast | International | Reuters
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