Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latitude: Overheard Conversations Part 4

I went to Latitude Festival in Suffolk last weekend and came out slightly less narrow-minded.

Being a fan of electronic and dance music, I really didn't think I'd get on with this crowd, where rock and indie music reigned supreme but low-and-behold, there were other delights including a literary tent, comedy (I couldn't really get away with calling it a tent), poetry, films, and theatre. And even pink sheep. 

I danced outside a disco shed, got all of Glenn's friends dressed up in my clothing in a swap-o-rama rave, attacked a man with a giant inflatable banana, watched a gay cabaret of men dressed up in gold lame thongs and serious amounts of glitter, bumped into a good friend who'd been a zombie with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and had some good clean fun. oh yeah, and also seeing Ross Noble lead 3000 people in a mass conga down the hill, go up to the veggie stand and all ask for sausage rolls.

Thanks to Glenn's friend Guy for finding this. Number 9 is my personal favorite.

Latitude: Overheard Conversations Part 4

2008-07-20 20:27:24

The good folk of Latitude are becoming more lucid and lyrical, as guest blogger Terry Staunton has discovered...


1. "I've embraced the concept of time, it's just that I'm not very good at telling it right now."

2. "Buying a brownie from an unshaven man in a field requires a leap of faith I'm not prepared to take."

3. "Unless you're fully committed to shitting, you'd be better off following me to the piss tent."

4. "The thing about being friends with Tap is that no matter how many drugs you take, you'll never reach his level of banality."

5. "My dad's off his face again, but at least he's nowhere near his Van Morrison CDs."

6. "That poet was talking about having a rhyming dictionary. Isn't that cheating? What a fuckin' fraud."

7. "I'm going to an STD clinic when I get home. I'm sure I've caught something off that toilet seat."

8. "Heart Of Glass got me through my exams, losing my virginity and leaving home. Their later stuff was bollocks, though."

9. "Seriously, I thought it was called Ricky Pedia. I assumed it was a bloke with a really popular MySpace page."

10. "I love it here. I was worried that it might be overrun by the sandals and henna brigade, but I can cope with them when they're a healthy minority."




The posh guy in the family camping area being huckled (admittedly quite heavy-handedly)by security shouting "I am not a violent man I'm a civil servant"!


Two men arguing outside my tent in the small hours and one shouted: "you've got your bum up your own arsehole!" i still have no idea what it means

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