Thursday, May 29, 2008

View Out My Window At Elephant & Castle

Writing much of anything apart from journalism pieces has become last priority since starting the course, which is a real shame since I think my soul, like an old Poloroid photograph, is starting to be bleach out and fade. Everything is going out the window. Books, film, climbing up trees, barking after postmen. Right now, I'm sitting in the library's "Silent Zone", in the computer lab. Which is a fucking joke since people still carry on with conversations or get phone calls. The undergraduates are so hyper-sensitive that if I glare at them for half a second, they soon get the drift. It's a sunny day, less humour-less than Tuesday, the day after May bank holiday Monday. There are four big leafy trees that shield the sound of the buses circling on the roundabout. I suddenly want to be a leaf in summertime. Or maybe a drunk elk.

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