Saturday, April 12, 2008


Yesterday my first day back in Brighton, after a slightly hellish 10 hour journey from Berlin. I thought I was going to conk out & have a quiet night in, but things never work out as you plan. yesterday. The sun came out to play, Kat texted and said "let's go to the beach" so at 6pm we headed down, me armed with a blanket, both of us armed with cans of beers and strong sunglasses. Mark came down and met us. The sea was choppy and the wind pushed the elements up a notch. It was slightly gorgeous, but it made all our teeth clatter. Frozen to to the proverbial bone, we marched up to the Fishbowl for drinks and to defrost by the radiators. The pub was packed. We defrosted. Mark complained that he only wore a cardigan. Then Kat turned to me with a devilish grin and said, "Let's get fucked up!" Yes, it's a proper welcome back to Brighton. I have to say for the record that despite a couple of drinks bought for me, I managed to relatively with it. The night saw us return to Kat's, bumping into Lloyd & Kat grabbing him, going to 3and10, then off to Audio for a night of great minimalist techno........ A pretty good turnout, with a reassuring hard core of serious minimalist lovers in the front, as well as the requisite few powder puffed little girls in the toilet gabbing about "art and design" and "I love my minimalist". The thing I love about Kliks and most good music nights is that they're truly aimed at the music lovers (which is how it should be???) - notice for instance how everyone who runs other nights turn up too. Last night Magnus (C-Soul/On the House) & Billy were present, as was Jim (All time top 100) and Sam Watts (schtumm!). Caulfield played a pretty slow intro but it was well-worth the wait. Mental set and everyone danced in kind. Last night was the sort of night that should happen all the time. here's what Kliks say:
Join us at Kliks as we welcome back one of our favourite DJs, Mr. Jeremy P. Caulfield. Founder of the scandalously good Dumb-Unit label, he's launched the careers of acclaimed minimal techno alumni like Butane, Lee Curtiss, Jake Fairley and Sweet N Candy, while also releasing a string of club hits in his trademark 'stallking' techno style. As a DJ, Jeremy regularly rocks everywhere from Berlin's Watergate to Fabric, and we're delighted to have him back to tear it up at Kliks once again...he's joined, as ever, by residents Lee Smith and Mark Lerman.
never seen Jeremy Caulfield? check him out here. Jeremy P. Caulfield - promo mix March 2008 tonight. Off to London tonight, meeting up with Simon to compare notes on Berlin and talk music/art/love/life/sex/toilet paper. Go to Lesser Panda warehouse party. Meet up with Kesh, watch London marathon, cook a roast, discuss why it's better not to get too stressed about life. Then Monday, day 1 of my course. I'm still waiting to hear whether the loan has gone through, a bit annoying, but it just means having nerves of steel through the waiting game. note. the reason for so many dropped caps is my sticky second hand keyboard. Haphazard tea drinking habits around my desk meant that my nice wireless keyboard short-circuited and died a quick and painless death. a £2 replacement means that I must suffer until I buy a new one. there's no good reason for dropped grammar though.

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