Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Here, Just Being Quiet For Once

Okay that's a complete lie. When am I ever quiet? In the past month (February), I've posted six articles on Trash Menagerie (see below). Not been so enthusiastic about writing for Brighton Fusion only since my nights out are few and far between since 2008 began. January was a dry month. In February, I've been to Slackers Convention, Supercharged and the last (I think for a while rather than ever) Electric Playboys. That's it. Impressed? My soul really needs a rest. Winter's been far more unbearable than it has been in years. I blame that on the lack of decent holidays over autumn. I yearn to be in the States right now. I need some sort of old familiarity, to laugh at ancient jokes and listen to songs I'd forgotten about and to drive down roads in the middle of the night - I don't even drive anymore so that might be a tough one. I need to get lost in a country that has no sides. There's no way of falling in to the ocean because there's just too much fucking land. Well, instead I'll write, which is what I sit here doing now (for the past 4 hours), listening to a dubstep mix and drinking too much water. Here's the pieces. Expect more soon. Oh yeah, and it's my birthday in an hour. 33. The age of Jesus's sandles. Yum. I'll write a story about my coming of age and mail it to you. Amy x I Don’t Care About Atomic Hooligan, But You Should Grooverider Sentenced to Four Years in Dubai Jail It’s Breakspoll, Baby! London’s Burning Lesser Panda Party With Spektrum in Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East Blokgolf and the Square Wave Revolution

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