Thursday, January 03, 2008

In Memory of Joe Holmberg

Ex-boyfriend and good friend Joe Holmberg sadly, passed away on Thursday December 28th at 7.25 GMT in is new hometown of Paris. He was being looked after by his girlfriend Emilie and his parents Geoff and Sheila. Joe had been diagnosed with malignant cancer, but friends and family were all hopeful that he would come through the chemotherapy. I simply don't know what to write at the moment, but I can't leave his death unmarked. Joe was a great soul, and the world is diminished by not having him around. Joe will be cremated and a service will be held first in Paris, then later in the UK. See his old blog for more details. His old band, Republic of Heaven, have written an obituary. There is also a Facebook group, which we'd all hoped would be used to mark Joe's progress back to health. My thoughts are with the whole Holmberg family, Emilie & Olivia.

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