Saturday, January 26, 2008

February Slackers

Yes, another shameless plug for the night I help run, the Slackers Convention. Actually, I never understood why it was shameless to plug anything. What should I feel ashamed? Am I a snail hiding under prehistoric rock formations? It's silly. Promoting fun is always worth while. On that note, come down on 2nd Feburary & help us throw a great party for my birthday month, the month of love & the first sign of an approaching spring. In the main room, we've got Radioactive Man headlining, with support from party experts Ape-x (Jude & Castrillion), loveable Dirtpop, and some good ol' nu skool breaks from Pav & Squashqar. Giving the headliners a run for their money in the bar & backroom, we've got Slackers residents DJ Y-Not and Matt Slackers, Funkcollectif sound system DJs, Subslider & from Electric Playboys DropTop Daddy and Moai. It's a shit hot line up for a what will be a well-needed and well-deserved dance-infested night. If you're getting itchy feet, come down to the Slackers Warm Up at Riki Tiks, which runs from 6pm-10.30pm and listen to the guys and gals DJ live on NSB Radio. Slackers Convention, Saturday 2nd February, Concorde 2, Brighton, 11pm - late, £6 before midnight.

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