Thursday, November 08, 2007

Brighton & Hove Web Awards

It's that time of year again - yes, it's the local SCIP web awards. I really love and anticipate this competition because it's local, because poking my nose in and out of websites is fun. I don't like sport, but this is as close as I will get to waiting with abated breath as to who's gonna win. Over the years, friends sites have come up as contenders and one year I helped out and got drunk for free at the awards ceremony. Hm. That was last year wasn't it? That's probably why I haven't been invited to help shortlist again, isn't it? Damn. This year, the sites are ok, and on the blogger section, there are a few favorites, although I'd expect in a city with over 500 bloggers that people would deviate from the standard Blogger templates (okay, I haven't but that's because I don't know how !) My friend, the amazingly gifted designer and artist Julia Zeen has had her simple yet stylish site be shortlisted for Best Business Site. How cool is that? Julia's most well known in Brighton for being the beauty behind the grime in Brighton music scene, designing many club flyers - check out the one she did for Cut Loose's night when they had John B headlining - simply too cool for school I think. I highly recommend that you get your vote in - deadline is Wednesday 14th November.

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