Monday, October 01, 2007

The Rum Diary

St James's Tavern, on St James's Street, serves over 50 different types of rum. Like letters in the alphabet, I stared at the long list scribbled up on the chalkboard. I decided, upon the suggestion of my friend Ollie Glass, that each one would be mine, one shot at a time. I'm hoping friends will join me on this journey. 1. Santa Teresa (Venezuela) - £2 per shot Amy: "It was like walking into a national forest full of redwood trees and taking a bite." Ollie: "There's the high notes, very sweet, distinctly sweet and um it kinda oversteeped the tone of the middle and bass section. It quickly dissipated and then the midsection was hurriedly introduced. Could have spent more time in transition....(can't read my notes)...the rum tried in its way to be free. The bass, like the rest, quiet, too dull to be understated.

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