Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A new twist in the story so far....

Potential house nightmare, or the final eviction in the Big Brother house For those of you who don't know, my housemates & I have been told that we have to move in 2 months time. We haven't had the legalese through the letter box yet, but with the luxury condominiums nearly complete next door & the knowledge that our house being knocked down is on the cards, it seems pointless to prolong the inevitable. The Palace will soon be no longer. I know how much I've complained about it all in the past. How many months I toyed with the idea of moving out, only to change my mind, dig my heels in and stick it out. Today I officially stopped being annoyingly sentimental & maudlin about it, to the point where there is nothing more to say. I'm excited about finding a new place to live (in Brighton) & having a fresh start. The social whirl After Le Name in late September, the pace of life stepped up a notch -- with critical work for AudioActive (youth music charity) becoming an urgent priority, increased demands on my time with the freelance work I was doing, and a valiant effort on my part to balance the need to be a sane & professional worker during the week with the need to be a hedonistic party animal on the weekend. Um, did I just write that? Le Name was 4 days of good wholesome French fun, but it in no way prepared me for the next three weekends, which were completely mental and got me into lots of trouble, but hey ! I'm fine now. Weekend 1: Positive 15th Birthday: started at Audio, moved on at 3am to Funky Buddha Lounge, then at 5am moved on to Magnus's flat where we partied until Sunday afternoon and I made a wobbly uphill walk up to PV to meet Kesh for a roast. In the midst of all that, I also managed to pop out for Kesh's leaving drinks at the Fish Bowl, talk loads of rubbish to my friends & then return to the party. Classic. Weekend 2: Kesh's leaving meal at Planet India, followed by a drink at All Time Top 100 at Cosmo bar to say hi to Jim. Mex from Black Grass was playing rap. Headed on to White Rhino at the Volks to party with Barney & that posse, as well as Kat & her new man. Cut up the dance floor with VJ Spank & the Y-Inter boys, then ran into a face from the past....and that was me done for the night. I did manage to get quite a bit of writing done on Saturday, but the night saw me dancing at Black Lion to Fat Daddy's dj sets, then on to Grant & Ben's friend's amazing flat (they had a trampoline & a punching bag) for continued party. I learned that "And the Beat Goes On" is NOT by Shalamar but by the Whisperers. On Sunday, I shivered through fear & loathing, but topped the night off with lovely visits to my friend's new flat and to hang out with a cool boy. Weekend 3: It hurts me almost to write about this past weekend. Friday night - after work drinks with the people in my building. After being flooded in an endless wave of Tuaca and GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE I KNOW I WAS PROBABLY ACTING SHAMELESSLY, I got pushed into a taxi and sent home. Cut to 2 o'clock in the morning. Wake up in my bed & think "shit, I've missed the party!" Who do I know would be awake? Barney ! I ring him & he says, "yeah, come on over!". He and Paul My Finger are wasted - they insist I play Aquasky's "Overneath" TWICE! We head over to Gwen's, dance around, talk bollocks, I totally mess up my waxing appointment twice, lose my bank card, and end up crashing at Barneys so I can pull myself together. This does not happen as quickly as I imagine, and after eating Grubs, drinking rose and listening to Kraftwerk while starting at the seam of Barney's sofa, I start to feel marginally more awake. Then everyone comes back, rugby is blasting, Plum is screaming, we're drinking champagne, and then suddenly I'm at Audio dancing to D. Ramirez. Near the end, I decide to leave, but realising I have no housekeys, I realise I can't get flyers & I'm fairly stuffed at 2.30 in the morning without either. So I end up at Pressure Point for Beat Circus, which I've been meaning to go to for ages & Mark, Heather & Matt are there, which is just sheer luck. Mark & head upstairs, it's insane, Sarah & Cecil are there, I can go on and on telling you everything because this weekend just does not stop and thank god it did........ The end It's Tuesday night and I feel sober and pretty good I guess. My yin/yang is still out of whack (too much acid in my stomach, mucus thing) so today my acupuncturist prescribed me chrysanthemum tea, which I'm supposed to have twice a day. It's not bad. My session was better today. Vivian explained that when the needles sting when they go in means that I have energy blocks. I thought a lot about this as I fell into a deep dark sleep on the treatment table. I think I can probably keep clean this week -- I sure as hell need to. My hamster is crunching out the beat to Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here"and at night I dream that I am taking pictures of Owen Wilson who poses with a sunglass-wearing poodle as they hang out in a tent. I need the mental energy to block out my work colleagues who complain ceaselessly about EVERYTHING, which I find totally draining, as well as to carry on with the final arrangements for next Wednesday's conference. Slacker's is on Saturday & I need to be on my best behavior for that, for sure. More importantly, I need to get back to my novella, worry about finding a new place to live & try to eek out some sort of life that doesn't involve self-important assholes or vague artists. What happened to the days when the only thing I had to do was write and drink tea?

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