Sunday, October 28, 2007

Domesticity Beckons (yeah right!)

As I mentioned, I have to move in December, the month that Jesus and half my family was born. December is a month of unexpected sunshine in the midst of cold on our cheeks; in the States it is also the perfect justification for consumer frenzies, fights in department stores with total strangers, petrol consumption, food consumption, over-voltaging your house with a million chains of lights, and countless other enviable sins. I just have to move house. And then - if all goes according to how I want it to - hop on a plane and land in George Bush International Airport, be whisked to Congress Avenue, change into a tanktop and a skirt and go sip margaritas outside at Guerros. Until then, I need to figure out a master moving plan. Last night was one of sheer decadence: wine, food, reading in bed, napping, more wine, more food and then sleep. So it's no surprise that I woke up at 7am. Got confused when I'd read about the clocks moving forwards, then realised that's happening LATER. Early starts are good. I knew it was time to get started on the moving project. Moving in 10 Easy Steps
  1. Check out rentals online. Realise that I probably want to get a 2 bedroom with someone else rather than a studio or 1 bedroom. Also that I can definitely find places in the area that I want to live(7 dials). Landsdowne Place is also lovely, as are parts of Hove so might be flexible.
  2. Make coffee. Then Chinese chrysanth tea. Then hot water with lemon. Back to coffee again. It's funny how quickly you need to drink these things before they suddenly go cold.
  3. Grab two black bin liners & then do nothing with them.
  4. Look through stuff and wonder what to do with it all. Decide to buy storage boxes.
  5. Throw old stuff away, one at a time - make a list of each thing thrown away with a promise to replace. Only one thing on that list at that moment, so not doing well.
  6. Put on an electro mix I have to write about and decide to look for an old email that has to do with another mixI want to download but forgot about.
  7. Go into the kitchen and talk to housemate about what to do with junk. He sold a box of junk on ebay and made £150. Also discovered that we don't have any vinegar in the house & that housemate cleans his records with lighter fluid. Tell him that's health and safety clearly out of the window. He nods and agrees.
  8. Don't add vinegar to list of things to buy but instead pick up the dabs newsletter & look through. Realise they probably don't do phones.
  9. Realise room looks exactly the same minus an empty wine bottle and a few envelopes.
  10. Step 10 - decide to stop faffing around and just get on with it all. Which I am.

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