Thursday, October 18, 2007

A cunning plan, albeit a late one

My friend Mark sent over a link to the German wings 0 euro special on flights, which is giving me all sorts of crazy ideas -- how about I get over to Cologne, then shimmy over to Berlin & dip into Dresden? Like, right about now? Or maybe in the 3 week vicinity? I'm poring over maps as I do my homework & it seems like a winning plan. I might book the flights tomorrow, but I'd better check with work -- they might not like me suddenly not turning up to work for a few random days ! Hm. Maybe not the best of of times, but then, I'm getting somewhat existential about life & I need to go on a new adventure soon. So what if I'm moving home in a few months. Por que no? Who needs plans when reality is in the here-and-now?

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