Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Awake (barely)

"People with turbulent lives who spend their time on the phone are sexual freelancers." -- Karl Lagerfeld (Lagerfeld Confidential) I'm definitely a light-weight these days. Six o'clock in the morning is pretty major for me, and it's now six-fifty. It's the day of the conference that I've been helping a group of volunteer reps organise. We've been moving towards this day since April, and I'm very excited for my group, who are opening up an important dialogue between health and social care . I decided in advance that I'm not going to panic about what I'm wearing today (I'm not meeting any ambassadors or heads of state, so fuck it). Gave Donnie some fresh brocolli, monkey nuts and seed mixture (he opted for a monkey nut on this occasion). Made very strong coffee. Bring up the Village Voice website and stare at that for a while. Yesterday I got news that my best friend, who lives in NYC, was in a fairly serious accident involving the freight elevator at work (Barnes & Nobles). She manages author readings for the main shop, which are daily. The day before yesterday they had Tony Bennett. The singer. For some reason he didn't want to use the main elevators so she had to use the back ones. Tony got out, she went flying through some gap and on to concrete & steel. She's ok, but still in hospital :(

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