Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What I'm Really Thinking About: A List

Obviously, there are more things going through my head, but if I told you that, that'd be saying a bit too much wouldn't it? (actually, not more than this!) 1. Found this in my email inbox this morning, courtesy of the UK Press email list: also this: I'm a teacher, apparently. 2. Woke up feeling like I have a cold. My housemate told me as he pressed his teabag against his mug that it actually wasn't cold in the house and that when he's feeling cold, he puts on 10 jackets and does star jumps (jumping jacks). 3. So on the basis of that, wore too many layers while I cycled to work & ended up sweating too much. Locked up my bike, decided that I would kill any potential colds with fruit juice. Walked into Somerfields, perused the juice department, ruled out all of the cheap juice on the basis that my friend Niall explained what concentrate was and decided that wasn't very good when you think you're getting a cold. So I went for Ocean Spray cranberry & raspberry. When I got to my office, read the list of ingredients and guess what? It's a juice drink (20% actual juice, from concentrate). Decided I was a loser. What am I doing looking at juice packaging when I should be at work? 4. Found a giant mug to make my tea in and remembered that my kittens mug broke at Barnival when I set it on a speaker. Felt bad. I really liked that mug. 5. Despite my incurable happiness, I'm feeling a bit frustrated by the DVD drive I bought. I thought I could just take the CD writer out & replace it with this, but upon taking apart my whole computer, found that it was a fucking slave drive, with completely different port type. I don't know if I really want to or have the time to read all this shit I found about S-ATA ports and what I need to do next. I'm thinking I should have bought an external DVD writer. 6.Time, diary, time, meetings, fun. 7.Colleague's leaving do tomorrow for lunch: will I get a margarita or will that be a really bad idea? 8. I hope people in my office realise that I am not listening to what they're saying because I took an antihistimine and it's making me a bit spacy. 9. My citizenship test study guide is actually pretty boring. 10. Should I learn some French?

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