Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back from France

A short message just to say I made it back safely from France, arriving back in Brighton at about 3pm. I had some people a little worried about the fact that I was going to a country where I didn't speak the language and I hadn't booked a hotel and didn't know anyone there. Point taken. Got a room in advance, and despite my French language skills at the moment = zero, I made many friends around the city, including all of the security guards at Le Name Festival. I will write more when I've got more time (including a write up of the festival for TM / BF), but quickly..... High points: Water fights in the toilet disco, cycling around the city and getting joyously lost, conversations with Fabian about records and Trappist beer, dancing all night, Antoine & the "french ravers are stupid" conversation, buying cheap red wine, sunshine, beautiful parks, cobbled streets, bread, minimalist techno, friendly friendly people, stupid costumes, free disco shuttles from Roubaix to Lille, new music (!). Low points: Finding out that my ex boyfriend (Joe H) has malignant cancer, falling over on my bike when I was at a complete standstill at a traffic light (a nice man helped pick me up off the pavement), fretting that I didn't know how to speak French and/or that if I was mugged I wouldn't understand, generally feeling a bit scared (but that's the point of it all too). I hope Joe doesn't mind me highlighting his blog posting -- but if anyone who reads this doesn't know already & knows him, send him a message. Dave W phoned me up on Friday afternoon when I was hanging out in le cafe des sisc roses. I blocked his call, thinking he didn't realise I was in France & that he wanted to arrange a lunch with him and his girlfriend. Dave's response to my text was telling -- something was wrong-- so I told him to go ahead and phone me back, fearing the worst. The news was pretty gutting -- Joe and his girlfriend Emilie are living in Paris so already I was thinking of how they were doing. The raving must go on, but in my heart of hearts I am quietly thinking of Joe & the people who care for him and who are with him now.

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