Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why Am I Always the Last To Find Out?

Okay people, I've seen the light. I NEED to start listening the to radio or watching tv or something. BUT I HAVE ONLY JUST FOUND OUT about Owen Wilson's suicide attempt. Via Popbitch. How sad is that? We have the radio at work, but do you think I actually listen to that shite? No. thanks popbitch. >> A life depressive << Owen Wilson takes a time-out We reported back in November 2004, to the consternation of his scary Hollywood lawyers, that Owen Wilson might not be entirely unfamiliar with hard drugs. It's somewhat surprising that everyone seems to have fallen hook, line and sinker for Courtney Love's guff that it's all Steve Coogan's fault. Coogan may be an unpleasant drug pig but this smacks only of Love finally getting her revenge after the humiliation of being dumped by Alan Partridge. A rich, ageing celebrity bachelor with an entourage of yes men to get him whatever he wants and a stint in rehab for depression already behind him - it's likely that Wilson didn't need much encouragement.

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