Monday, August 27, 2007

Recovering from Barnival

Like most people, I like instant gratification. That's why I spent all this morning scanning in photos when I wasn't too sure if I was alive, asleep or just plain lucid dreaming. Real, real, instant, tea, tea, water. Sweet Jesus, the light was streaming in through my bedroom window, it was a hot day and I wasn't altogether sure if I could go outside by myself safely. I mean that. I was okay, after quite a bit of sleep, but the walk between here and Sainsbury's on the Western Road was perilous and full of fear and loathing of the surburban wastelands that surround my house. Everything worked out okay. I saw the sea. I ate bbq. I talked to people who were in far worse states than I was in. I'm fairly certain that I wasted this weekend in the best way you could ever wish for. Fucking hell, let's start it all over again, same time, same place. "What better way to spend a weekend than to sit in a field with 50 of your closest friends and get absolutely wasted? "

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