Monday, July 09, 2007

Super Sonic Festival (Birmingham), or giving festivals another go

Shortly after my 32nd birthday, I began to wonder why I didn't do certain things, almost as though on principle. For instance, I had this fixed idea that "I wasn't a festival person" purely on the basis that I'd been to Glastonbury once (2000) and found the whole experience so distressing and apocalyptic that on some unconscious level, I must have decided I'd never do it again. The same could be true of loads of things I'd at some point in my life just decided "I'm not that kind of person", on the basis of what, I'm not sure. Another example is skiing. I've somehow come up with this idea that I'm not a cold weather person but the fact is I've really enjoyed staying in Poland and Berlin, feeling more at ease in those places than I did in sunnier Mediterranean countries in some instances. So, for the coming year I'm doing loads of things I don't normally do & first on that list is FESTIVALS, ESPECIALLY ONES WHERE YOU HAVE TO CAMP OUTDOORS IN NATURE. I got a ticket to Super Sonic after getting into Drop the Lime, a Brooklyn artist, and after following his trail to this Birmingham's "UK answer to Sonar", I immediately got myself a ticket, no matter if I ended up going alone. As it happens, I managed to find another music-loving adventurous soul to accompany this coming Friday. I plan to come back armed with pics & a write up. I'll be camping in a hotel for this one but the next two are definitely "twigs in the hair", "preparing for rain" sort of affairs. This includes: -- Brighton Frequency Festival (last weekend in July) -- a secret festival in a barn somewhere (UK) No camping, but perhaps some camp: --Le Name, which I've written about (Lille) Sadly, I'm not going to Glade, but you can't do everything & I've got plans for later this year. Never mind the continuous rain & grey backdrops, enjoy the summer.

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