Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Picture of the Day

"Lazy Sunday Evening Two Nights After Yet Another Car Bomb -- or Doesn't It Happen Every Day Here Too? "
[Photo taken by Niall O'Riain -- Sunday coming back from some pubs in Notting Hill after Simon's birthday -- the couple on the right are Simon's flatmates -- the couple on the left is Simon's flatmate's brother and his girlfriend -- no, not Simon's girlfriend, the flatmate's brother. I was there there too, but not then. I think I got off. Simon was there too, he's probably that white blurry bit or something. And I thought of the title, not Niall, who doesn't know I borrowed his pic. Oh yeah, it was taken with a mobile phone.]
I know pictures are a cheat when a writer's blog is supposed to be about writing, but I am too tired from work at the moment and too absorbed with stuff I need to do at home (after/before work), like --
a) I've picked up on development on my second novel, which currently sits at 40,000 words and was something I'd gotten stuck on when I couldn't make up my mind about the plot progression. I'm glad I left it for 6 months -- the time has cleared my judgement on things I probably should have cut out. b) I'm studying for my "Life in the UK" test. c) Other things which I'll disclose at a later date. x) I'm shelving the feature length script for a while. After being slashed and burned, then picking up some good ideas while in NYC, I need to let that one cool down. I'm letting go of a few things. Needs must. Work is really stressing me out at the moment, but my room has gotten a new revamp so it's easy to forget about once I get home. Oh yeah, and I got a new bike !

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