Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meanwhile, back in New York.....

Outside Barnes & Nobles bookshop, Union Square, 21 July, on the day the new Harry Potter book was released on to the world. This is my best friend's shop & as she writes, she "survived the absolute worst twenty hours of my professional career, barely. Not much more to say about it, as I'd rather not revisit all that chaos. I was quite upset and drained for a whole day in the aftermath."More
Okay, I know I choose to live my life in a media-free vacuum to some extent or another, but I was really (fill in the blank) when I saw this picture. Dangerous dark flashbacks to 1993 when I was working at Westgate 8 screen cinema and "Jurassic Park" came out that summer. Oh my god, was it a complete and utter nightmare. We had people camping outside the mall for days. This must have been HELL. She deserves the two-weeks off.

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