Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"First Times" -- Brighton, UK

1. First time I lost a tooth 2. First time I wanted to kiss a girl 3. First time I said “I love you” 4. First time I made a tree house 5. First time I learned about rainforests 6. First time I got served in a pub 7. First time I felt like a man 8. First time I felt rejected 9. First time I felt heartbroken yet strangely elated 10. First time I went swimming naked

Across the road and down the hill from 363 Ditchling Road 20 meters up Trafalgar Street Arundel Road South end of Queen’s Park Queens Park Road Clarke’s Shoe Shop, Western Road Shoreham Harbour Provident – seafront

Church hall, just up and on the right from Five Ways St Luke’s swimming pool

Brighton 1 Written by Oli. First time he was born: 10/11/77 Photos from: Matt Locke

[The two photographs are from Matt Locke, who runs techie site and is a self-admited "geek", but also takes stunningly cool photographs. I found these in his archive.]

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