Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A List Before I Go To Sleep

1. Reading "The Autograph Man" by Zadie Smith. I didn't want to like it, but I got stuck with it on the ride back to Brighton from Bodiam, leaving a muddy swampy campground and I found the characters grew on me. 2. I decided not to spend any money today so I went to the library after work. I got Akashic's "Brooklyn Noir", which I've spent the last two or three years staring at in Maria's NYC apartment whenever I go to the toilet. This last visit she had a J Crew catalogue for bedding and down-filled comforters lying on the floor next to a modest pile of books. I love Akashic -- I feel like I discovered them first. I also picked up Isaac Bashevis Singers' "Old Love", which is a short story collection. Two books of short stories. I was kinda hoping they'd provide me with some inspiration for the Brighton short stories I know I need and want to write. 3. I'm glad I don't own an ipod -- otherwise I'd wonder one too many times how things like Geto Boys got on my playlist. 4. The people in my office building love commenting on my clothes. Warren G, the solicitor on our old floor, once looked dismayed when I turned up in jeans. "What's happened to the colour?" he exclaimed. The guy who shares his office with no one and runs a construction company laughed when he saw I was wearing a tulip shaped pale blue skirt and a bright yellow t-shirt. "You're optimistic!" he told me, shooting a quick glance out the window. It was the perenial British grey. Later this evening, I went out for a run along the seafront & it was warm, sunny & lovely. 5. Kesh reckons there's more important things in life than Trangia's. I'm wondering if she's wrong, but I know she isn't. 6. After all the hassle of sending in an account of my income for the Inalnd Revenue (or HMRC as it's now known), I've recently been told I have to fill out a Tax Return for 05/06. They didn't send me a guide and I want to cry. I hate doing finances when I'd rather be lying in the bathtub. 7. I went camping over the weekend. It was cool. I loved how we more or less managed to sit in one place all day and not move FOR HOURS. I threw my 15 year old straw hat into the fire on Friday night. Someone broke my stole. A guy played the guitar. There was no soundsystem but there was music. http://www.flickr.com/photos/amyriley/sets/72157600467599783/ 8. I watched "Adaptation" last night -- what a funny film! I haven't seen Nicholas Cage really acting in a film in a long time. Before that I saw "Late Night Shopping", which was nothing to write home about. I still have the 2 disc original "Solaris". I understand it's brilliant but I have a hard time when the dubbing slips in and out of English, then back to Russian, then back to English again. I just need patient. 9. I've stopped saying stupid things at work, apart from doing a quick "woo-hoo" when our manager left for the afternoon. I think something is wrong with me. 10. My hamster is running circles around me these days, which is saying a lot since the little fucker sleeps about 15 hours a day at least -- ah, I've just found him. He's predictable, is Donny. I pulled back one end of my bookshelf and discovered he's made a second home in the space underneath. His new home consists of a few pieces of tissue, some peanuts and treats he stole from his food bag, and a few pieces of random rubbish.

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Blogger Stuart Ian Burns said...

"Before that I saw "Late Night Shopping", which was nothing to write home about."

But -- but -- but -- what about --

-- oh well. Doesn't your copy of 'Solaris' have subtitles?

2:34 AM  
Blogger Shiny Mc Shine said...

What's she on about? I love Trangia. Where we need to be. Exactly. Tea in bed.

4:52 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Hi Stuart, my exact thoughts on "Late Night Shopping" wasn't that it was shit. On Facebook I gave it 3 stars & said this:

"Nice easy watch, kinda fun and lighthearted. A good jetlag film."

What about what?

Shiny: I LOVE Trangia. You don't know how bad I want to be an owner of such a piece of equipment. However, I have to be slightly self-discplined as I have a lot of fun planned out for the next few months leading up to October (Mexico).

Yes, tea in bed would be good.....


12:51 PM  

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