Saturday, May 05, 2007

Local election results

Even though I can't vote, the 3rd May elections were very exciting for me as my work these days is so closely linked to work of local Councillors. And, let's face it -- with more and more power being devolved from central government to local government, as BarryHulyer informed us would be happening about 2 years ago, these are the people that are going to be setting the agenda for most of the aspects of our lives. As a whole, it was pretty dire to hear that the Conservative party did especially well throughout the country. In Brighton & Hove, the backlash was exceptional. Of the 54 seats, Tories took 26, followed by Labour 13, Green Party 12, Lib Dems 2 and Independent 1. Highs
  • Yes! Christine Simpson, who I worked with at Age Concern, lovely lady & Labour got voted in as one of the 3 councillors for Hollingbury & Stanmer. All 3 seats were Labour.
  • Another NRF area, Moulsecoomb & Bevendean, 2 Labour & 1 Conservative. Mo Marsh got in, which I guess is pretty good, considering she also sits on South Downs Health NHS Trust Board as a non-exec.
  • EB4U East Brighton pulled in Labour candidates for all 3 seats.
  • In Hangleton & Knoll, all 3 seats were Conservative. Hm. I wonder what this means for community development in the area. However David Smart, local trustee, was one of those vote in so perhaps he'll keep the the 'hood's interests in mind.
No surprises
  • Central Hove, my neck of the woods, voted in Conservative for both seats. Nice one. But then, what do you expect. Oh yeah, the luxury flats in our backyard (ex-Chris Eubank) are nearly done.
  • Hanover & Elm Grove: all 3 seats were Green Party. Definitely didn't win any donuts on that one!
  • Tony Greenstein didn't get in for Hollingbury & Stanmer. He does divide the world in two. Perhaps it was the fact that he's been banned from posting on the SCIP list.
  • North Portslade sees yet another year of Bob Carden. Party blowers anyone?
  • Patcham, Rottingdean & Withdean -- another Conservative blowout.
  • Kevin Allen slipped in for Preston Park, but only barely.
  • In Queens Park, Simon Burgess & Ken Bodfish are both out. And it's all Green Party there too. Is there something I don't know?
  • South Portslade & Labour Party Deputy Leader Sue John is out. Wow. End of an era there.
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