Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Latest Brighton Fusion review: Simian Mobile Disco & the Last Bank Holiday Weekend for a Long Time

Yo dudes. Follow the white sunglasses. It's all about the SMD You know you want to. It'll probably be the last write up I do for BF until my return from the States -- unless of course I manage to go out this weekend & come through the other side with my brain intact! Bank holiday weekend !!!!!!!!!!!! Last one for a while, let's make this one burn like it did the first time. Oh yes. Don't think it will be warm enough to go swimming, but you never know. Friday night, there's Electric Playboys at PP -- free entrance, free shots of vodka, good folk& costume theme: "what would you wear at a night in Playboy mansion?" Might skip the bunny costume, but otherwise a possibility. Gonna watch "Breakfast at Pluto" and cook some food over at Kesh's after work then I'll see where the evening takes me. Saturday, Speedway 5 is playing at The Macbeth near Old Street - fancy a night away from the rocks. A few nights ago I had a fairly realistic dream involving my ex and I've been blue ever since. I don't know what that's all about. Good I'm going away. Maybe pirates will take me on board their ship and I'll sail from Nantucket to Key West instead of returning to work ! Sunday, mystery. Heard a rumor that the Freestylers are playing. Hm. Maybe I'll write. I want to do everything. I'm tired. Head, pillow, eyes, soft pages, the smell of the sea, gone. Have a great weekend -- it will soon fall on us all ! If you're straight & not square:

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