Saturday, April 28, 2007

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I'm in the recovery position. Last night, I made my stomach a skin for the weirdest, hairyest cocktail on the planet: Sambuca-tinged, tequila-sucking, cider-swilling, gin-soaked wine-edged badness. It was another Friday, another All Time Top 100 @ Cosmo Bar. Only this time, it was a double-bill of specialness, with it being Day 1 of Paulo's birthday shenanigans and Phil Hartnoll of Orbital manning the decks. Barney passed me last night on the way down -- he said it sucked, but brother, were you wrong or what? Phil, not especially known for his djing prowess, put on some blinding classics. Loads of old school rap and hiphop and some dancehall reggae for good measure -- fun. Came close to busting out the breakdance move when Lucy challenged me, but I RESISTED. Thank god. Waking up late this morning, I was told of the evenings events (I don't remember actually leaving Cosmo) like it was the reconstruction of a crime scene.Blissfully warm morning merged into afternoon-ness, which is just what anyone with a hangover needs. Ah well. What I do remember of the night was having loads of people unexpectedly turn up, queues out the door, friend chicken (of course) at The Sicillian on St James St, Marcus running around with a biro writing fish types on people's arms (I'm "koi"), everyone developing ADD at once (hello, what's up with that?), talking shit at the bar, Kesh busting out the moves on the dancefloor, giving idiotic thumbs up to Phil Hartnoll, bumping into Ed's sister-in-law, buying a piss-stream of drinks and telling everyone that I wasn't actually drunk, it was everyone else that was drunk. Yeah right. I hope Paulo pulled last night -- he was looking pretty lucky. He was after all the birthday boy. I've got 2 weekends and a handful of weekday evenings to finish my first draft. I really blew it last weekend, but at least I have an excuse (Slackers@Concorde2), but even the weekend before that was a feeble attempt on my part at being self-disciplined. It's hard stopping yourself from having fun sometimes. As I made my way home, I worked my way through the street market on Upper Gardner Street and picked up a second-hand book, a giant bag of organic lettuce, a beetroot bigger than my life, freshly picked leeks, and a butternut squash in honour of Lucy. I've only got a bit of time before I have to head out. Going to a cider festival up at the Race Course. Ed's just texted to recommend trying Burrow Hill, the local cider from Somerset and the stuff they sell at Glastonbury. Speaking of festivals, I've just bought a weekend pass for the first festival I'm going to in years -- SuperSonic at Birmingham's Custard Factory. I've been meaning to check out the venue for ages as well. It was a whim, but I suppose it's just one of those days.

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