Saturday, April 14, 2007

The final weekend to work on the script

Even though it's Saturday, I still woke up at 7.30am (work-mode). I'd been having a dream that I was back in Texas in some warehouse grocery store. The man I was with was flirting with a woman with lopsided glasses and I was so bored and depressed by everything so I left their dull conversation and headed over to the magazine rack and picked up a copy of the New Yorker. I realised then that I didn't want to be in Texas -- I wanted to be in New York. Hey, go figure, I'm actually in England! Stupid dreams. I went back to sleep because I figure I need all the rest I can get for today. It's the final weekend to work on Act 2 before my Friday deadline. I need to contact Sarah and see if that's the absolute last day or whether I can have a bit longer. Apart from some much-needed editing of Act 1, I totally blew last weekend. I know -- it was a 4 day weekend, but as soon as the sun comes out and friends are beckoning, it's hard not to heed the call. What a great weekend. Obviously, the icing on the cake was going with Kesh to see Plump DJs and Soul of Man at Concorde 2. Those boys restored my faith and enthusiasm in music. The show was more bounce to the ounce and even though there wasn't enough room to have a heart attack in, I still managed to step on a hundred toes. I met a nice boy. I had a picnic on the beach with friends, which then proceeded to turn into a mini rave-up back at their house. It was Dan's 30th birthday, so he and Jonny Grey and their Bitter Suite possee put on a fucking shit hot house party with a good mix of house djs. When I found myself pulling some strange moves on the dance floor including back bends and feeling my stomach had turned into a poison-holding urn, I knew it was time to leave. On Sunday, Kesh & I went to see a French film which I got free tickets to called "My Best Friend" (whatever that is in French) -- I recommend it highly, although the jerky camera movements did get on my nerves a bit. Pub roast at PV, then Pete & I hit a double-bill of all day munter's fest -- Bustabox at PP and Electric Playboys at Hectors House. I prefered Hectors, which had a better soundsystem (Y-Inter) and the vibe felt younger and more alive. The Bustabox crowd were all a bit too close to death for me. Then obviously, Plumps later that night. I did feel I was going to expire on Monday but miraculously pulled through. This week at work has been manic again & I'm careful not to overdo it. Watched 2 films, which is an all-time achievement for me: "Happy Endings" -- I liked it. A lot. Good story, with subplots seamlessly woven together, with the whole post-modern thing going on of being about films, using interesting split screens and titles to explain backstory. It worked. "I'm With Lucy" -- I consider this rental to be part of my research on rom-coms. It was fairly generic, with the premise being quickly set up that she had a terrible breakup and went on 5 blind dates, one of which is the man she's about to marry. The film shows bits of the date and you're supposed to try to guess which one she's going to marry. I didn't completely sympathise with the protagonist -- the worst thing that's happened to her was dating the schmuck to begin with -- but it's still a fun romp through the perilous world of dating. And actually, I thought the 5 blind dates were very well-drawn and were given some depth, even if the film didn't give Lucy much depth. Oh well! Okay, me, Act 2, onwards.

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