Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Past 9 Days (or So)

Well, the whole of everything has finally caught up with me. Two drinks and I'm face down in the miso soup sans knife in my back.

It's been premieres, parties, birthdays, bowling, clubs, frog legs, moonwalking, eclipses, Aquasky, my birthday, crepes, cava, liberated waiters, shots of tequila, cameras, poetry, diamond divers, chicken curry, falling asleep at the Full Moon, too many friends, lists, quiet messages, brown sea water, sleep, cake, inky fingers, Chinese food, vintage wines, three strikes in a row, and the very old friends.

Jesus Christ, how much more can a girl do in a 9 day period?

Tonight, I slept walked home, had a mild panic attack climbing up to the top of Church Street up to the Dials, then gazed up at the stars all the way home. I keep forgetting that I had one of the most exhausting weeks of my life last week. And I am exhausted. Still. A script needs to be written, by any means necessary.

I haven't had a night off except for Tuesday. I don't have the energy to tell you all of the things I really want to say, so instead, here are some choice pictures of the things I've been doing.

So in no particular order:
The Brisbane possee
Birthday cake@ Riki Tiks with Alex, Eliot & Marek

Alice's mustache party in Bow
Passing the Pond on the way to work
Danny's birthday (Aisha &
A Saturday with the guys (Paulo& Luke)
A secret shared in the Basketmakers

Oh yeah, I've gleaned about three million tons of inspiration from a friend who picks up a new qualification a month and is about to start an anthropology masters degree. oh yes, forget the social life, I too can watch my hamster run around the room like he's in some crazy supermarket sweep, climbing up precarious towers of books and clothes, and then return to my writing. Absolutely no more real life. An ounce of sleep. Now.

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