Friday, March 23, 2007

9 More Days (or so), In Pictures

After having a friend tell me off for putting up some slightly compromising footage of him dancing like a loon - well, he didn't tell me off, he just gently encouraged me to REMOVE THE MOVIE IMMEDIATELY - I figure I gotta be a bit more selective who I feature.

Nah, not really. It's just a lame excuse to stick up loads of inane pics of taxidermied rodents, PLO dogs, and a very famous hamster who's got his crib next to mine. These pictures reflect the past 2 weekends and the days and nights in between. Or rather, they're representative, since I usually can't be bothered to take pictures even when I should.

I even included one of myself. I may look like I'm trying to retain my balance, but I'm actually perfecting the moves to the cha-cha. Believe it. I went to St George's shop on Western Road in that hat and the Arabic dudes LOVED ME. They pinched my cheeks and asked if I could come in every Friday night. I told them I'd have to consult next week's diary first.

SOME DAY IN MARCH - 2nd year University of Brighton art exhibition, the "Love In" moment - Mr Arnaud in his rocking chair being stuffed - FRIDAY 16TH MARCH - pictures from an unknown location - SUNDAY18TH MARCH - the Sunday after Hazel's party - dogs we met at the Sunday Market @ Brighton station - Shiny@Hammer & Tongue drunken poetry madness - SOME DAY LAST WEEK - the birds at 5pm - Donnie goes AWOL.

I'm tired now. 90 more pages of script to write & I'm confident I can write a quarter or a third if I'm lucky this weekend. Not lucky this weekend. Lucky overall. I may go blind in the process, and possibly numb in the furthest reaches of my brain and fingertips.

I'm gonna put up some pics from the breath-takingly beautiful De La Warr Pavillion, which I took today. Actually, it's not breath-takingly anything but it is atmospheric. The sort of place I'd like to go back to and get drunk off the light.

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Blogger Shiny Mc Shine said...

Ha! Blurred picture of me five minutes until I rolled down a flight of stairs. Maya and "The Kid" walking to the Sunday Market. I came away from that poetry night so injured. Hope you're well Ms Riley!

5:12 AM  

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