Tuesday, March 27, 2007

People, Places, Things: De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill.

Places -- De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill.
May 1935, Eric Mendelsohn, Serge Chermayeff

Is a place I went to last Friday for a BME health event organised by Rother Race Action Forum. Art Deco building huddled along the Southeast coast and sits by the sea. White, slightly salt-eaten, was designed and feels like being on board a ferry destined to France, or hopefully locations more exotique.

Apparently the DLWP had a massive heritage funding grant to the tune of £8 million, which is not the biggest sum of money when you see how large the place is. Apparently, the money was not very well-spent (this is heresay), with quite a number of corners cut during refurbishment and apparently the place needs even more work now. I have also heard that the current programmer is not pulling in the ticket sales, which is unfortunate, and having only visited the area once, I did wonder what the average clientele for the area might want, considering that the region is part of a huge urban redevelopment.

Still, the building is well-known, well-loved and a surprising spot of beauty. Love at first site.

well, maybe not love, but admiration. It reminds me that there are places, life outside of Brighton, and I shouldn't leave it down to work to seek them out.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

9 More Days (or so), In Pictures

After having a friend tell me off for putting up some slightly compromising footage of him dancing like a loon - well, he didn't tell me off, he just gently encouraged me to REMOVE THE MOVIE IMMEDIATELY - I figure I gotta be a bit more selective who I feature.

Nah, not really. It's just a lame excuse to stick up loads of inane pics of taxidermied rodents, PLO dogs, and a very famous hamster who's got his crib next to mine. These pictures reflect the past 2 weekends and the days and nights in between. Or rather, they're representative, since I usually can't be bothered to take pictures even when I should.

I even included one of myself. I may look like I'm trying to retain my balance, but I'm actually perfecting the moves to the cha-cha. Believe it. I went to St George's shop on Western Road in that hat and the Arabic dudes LOVED ME. They pinched my cheeks and asked if I could come in every Friday night. I told them I'd have to consult next week's diary first.

SOME DAY IN MARCH - 2nd year University of Brighton art exhibition, the "Love In" moment - Mr Arnaud in his rocking chair being stuffed - FRIDAY 16TH MARCH - pictures from an unknown location - SUNDAY18TH MARCH - the Sunday after Hazel's party - dogs we met at the Sunday Market @ Brighton station - Shiny@Hammer & Tongue drunken poetry madness - SOME DAY LAST WEEK - the birds at 5pm - Donnie goes AWOL.

I'm tired now. 90 more pages of script to write & I'm confident I can write a quarter or a third if I'm lucky this weekend. Not lucky this weekend. Lucky overall. I may go blind in the process, and possibly numb in the furthest reaches of my brain and fingertips.

I'm gonna put up some pics from the breath-takingly beautiful De La Warr Pavillion, which I took today. Actually, it's not breath-takingly anything but it is atmospheric. The sort of place I'd like to go back to and get drunk off the light.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Mundane Things That Go On In My Life While Working On A Script

Dirty Dishes

I woke up one morning this week and found the grill pan, two pots, a Pyrex dish all sitting in the rubbish bin, plus about three plates, knives, forks and other cutlery on the floor around the rubbish bin. From the sublime to the ridiculous this house. I ummed and ahhed about whether to leave a note to say how stupid it was, or whether just to ignore it or go talk to Steve, who was the probable suspect. I mentioned it to Grant as we both reached for the kettle. “I just stay out of it.” Later that evening the same pile was sitting there. Actually this was last night (wed). It occurred to me – one of those unwashed dishes was MINE! I owned it and I sure as hell didn’t want it sitting there, amongst the bacteria and filth and rat populations that are just waiting for us to make ONE WRONG MOVE.

I was still umming and ahhing tonight, then thought, “I’m going to carry on with what I started last night.” Which was to rid the kitchen of all the things that belonged to me. I don’t need to explain why. I don’t even feel I need to explain to people why it’s more extreme putting dirty dishes in the rubbish than it is not doing them.

The ends don’t justify the means.


My boss was being on top form today. We were both working away at our computers when she stops and turns her head halfways. “Is she singing ‘I’m getting married in the morning?’ It makes you wonder if she’s been proposed to. Do you know?”

“Nu-uh. I don’t think so. All I know is that she’s going to Thailand.”

My boss crinkled her nose and resumed her typing. “Well, if she’s not getting married, that’s not a good song psychologically for her to sing.”


I'm still working on the character development. Progress is slow. I haven't even started on the first draft of the script (the bit where people talk, hit each other with sponge mallets, kill someone, cry about a seagull shitting on their heads) so it feels like a very far away goal. However, doing research and development at the beginning is doing me the world of good (as opposed to doing it halfway through a project, which has been the norm). It will be weekend 2 of being fairly dull. (Thin smile) All week I've been fighting off a cold. A few symptoms have manifested, but I'm mainly just exhausted all of the time and falling asleep at like 8pm which is officially lame. On the plus side, I'm not even missing the taste of booze, which is one addiction I don't need to worry about shelling out for. I'm optimistic. It's 8.16pm and I feel great. I'm currently addicted to herbal tea and fudge. I made extremely flat banana muffins and a leek, fennel and celery omelette this week. And I'm nearly finished with the life-changing book (Spike Mike Slackers & Dykes - yes it's taken me about 2 months to finish, but you know what, I don't care if I'm slow. It's so good, the book could just keep going another 2 decades and I wouldn't mind)

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Past 9 Days (or So)

Well, the whole of everything has finally caught up with me. Two drinks and I'm face down in the miso soup sans knife in my back.

It's been premieres, parties, birthdays, bowling, clubs, frog legs, moonwalking, eclipses, Aquasky, my birthday, crepes, cava, liberated waiters, shots of tequila, cameras, poetry, diamond divers, chicken curry, falling asleep at the Full Moon, too many friends, lists, quiet messages, brown sea water, sleep, cake, inky fingers, Chinese food, vintage wines, three strikes in a row, and the very old friends.

Jesus Christ, how much more can a girl do in a 9 day period?

Tonight, I slept walked home, had a mild panic attack climbing up to the top of Church Street up to the Dials, then gazed up at the stars all the way home. I keep forgetting that I had one of the most exhausting weeks of my life last week. And I am exhausted. Still. A script needs to be written, by any means necessary.

I haven't had a night off except for Tuesday. I don't have the energy to tell you all of the things I really want to say, so instead, here are some choice pictures of the things I've been doing.

So in no particular order:
The Brisbane possee
Birthday cake@ Riki Tiks with Alex, Eliot & Marek

Alice's mustache party in Bow
Passing the Pond on the way to work
Danny's birthday (Aisha &
A Saturday with the guys (Paulo& Luke)
A secret shared in the Basketmakers

Oh yeah, I've gleaned about three million tons of inspiration from a friend who picks up a new qualification a month and is about to start an anthropology masters degree. oh yes, forget the social life, I too can watch my hamster run around the room like he's in some crazy supermarket sweep, climbing up precarious towers of books and clothes, and then return to my writing. Absolutely no more real life. An ounce of sleep. Now.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I've Been Officially Told Off

Hi people, I'm busy. I have a script I have to write before 20th April. I went on this amazing scriptwriter's retreat weekend before last, all expenses paid, and the upshot, besides meeting some incredibly motivated professionals, is getting my script read critically. This is a serious investment of time on my part, so I'm going to have to cut off all social engagements, including clubs, bars, coffees at work, time brushing my hair and teeth in the morning, texts to friends, and anything else that isn't strictly work or writing. Life is really tough at the moment. I just had a two night sold out premiere on the 26th & 27th February @ Sussex Arts Club. Thank you to everyone who came out. It was a little stressful but it was my birthday and oh-so lovely to see so many faces. I'm still exhausted from the sheer excitement of it all. I've managed to fit in another offering to Brighton Fusion, the annoying know-it-all kid brother of the Brighton music club scene. Here it is. It's about a lovely little teaser before the weekend downward spiral - All Time Top 100. For those of you who blinked, I did write some scathing words on Fat Boy Slim, which might make you laugh or cry. People keep telling me they couldn't find it -it's here. There literally aren't enough hours in the day. After I write this script, I can't wait to get my teeth into some really fucking great narrative fiction. And read. And scuba dive. There's about a half a million plans in the works and it's up to the roulette wheel to figure out which one it's gonna be. Amy xx

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