Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Eubank Empire is Crumbling at my Feet

Quite a few months ago, a property developer bought Chris Eubank's mansion, plus the mansion next door, and over the course of the summer we saw it being razed to the ground from our upstairs window. There's literally only a fence separating us from what is the size of a decent helicopter landing ground. And this week, the bulldozers are back. The floor of my bedroom shakes. Glasses are bouncing like hard-core ravers at 3am. There is a news buzz racing through my house that the developers now want to tear down the row of trees and our precious vine-covered fence in order to drill underneath the ground. Once that fence is down, my entire bedroom, which is southwardly facing, will be one giant peepshow as the entire wall is glass. Ay caramba.



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