Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vodka sucks

My god, do I feel shit! I honestly think the only thing that can save my soul is "Fabulous Mint 400" (Meat Katie & Elite Force). I'm feeling very sorry for myself after a late night out, too much vodka, and delayed sadness about my ex. Maybe it's just the vodka still swirling around in my bloodstream, actually. Yeah, it's just that. Yesterday I ended up going straight from work to meet JQ, the designer I've been working with for the credits for my film. We had to discuss the poster he's making for the film's publicity. He did such an amazing job on credits so I can't wait to see what he does with the poster. HIRE THIS GUY. He is shit hot. We started at Fitzherberts, which was cramped but friendly (think sitting in an empty bathtub with about five other people) and offered Weston's Perry - interesting. Then moved onto the Dorset, which was a bit better. Met his friend Russell, who decided it'd be a great idea to compile a list of what makes a yuppie. We came up with about 10 main characteristics, such as: - Materialistic - Owns Bob Marley (Best of) , CD collection primarly "Best of" - Has "career" and "hobbies" - Luxury trappings - Primary goal in life to aquire money - Drinks at Browns - Love of labels (ie Armani, Prada) We then thought it would be a great idea to take this list, go up to a guy sitting at a table near us who LOOKED LIKE A YUPPIE, show him the list and ask him what he thought. BAD IDEA. However, we did have an interesting conversation, which Russell managed to slide quickly out of, leaving me to hold the baby. The thing the guy didn't really grasp is that the term 'yuppie' denotes a state of being and lifestyle choice, thus the conversation overall was a bit frustrating. He did add an 11th characteristic, which is more true of the 1980s yuppie than, say a 90s yuppie: "Owns big mobile phone". Probably true of the 00 yuppie too. Um yeah, I do own a Blackberry, but that DOESN'T make me a yuppie! More books and less drink. Onwards!

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