Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm still alive. Just busy.

Hi, I apologise for overall slackness, but I had a whirlwind of a xmas and new year's eve and now with the dust settling, I seem to be stealing time back from myself whenever and wherever possible so that I can: a/ Finish the le Carre book, which I am, yes, still reading b/ Continue on with this scriptwriting book c/ Write d/ Start on the "Autograph Man", which Dickie has lent to me e/ Start "Birdsong", which Paolo has lent me (a long time ago - oops!) f/ Sleep g/ Oh yeah, and organise this film premiere So the good news is that a venue has been confirmed, along with 2 dates, for the World & UK premiere of my feature film "Only Stopping". It's less my film and more about 70 other people's film, but one that I started and therefore I'm obligated to see to it's natural finish: a really nice red-carpeted champagne-sozzled two nights. Premiere of "Only Stopping" Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th February 07, Sussex Arts Club, Brighton Doors open 7pm, film runs 7.30-8.30pm, last orders 11pm Tickets £5 advance or on the door www.myspace.com/onlystopping Yes, it's all go in my corner. Hence this immense need to just come home and chill. Say hola to my hamster. Drink pints of water. Skate around on my hardwood floors in my socks. Read a few pages of my book. Check emails again. Check out hamster again. It was only a few days ago (Friday) that I was in absolute pit of despair, sheer boredom with mundane life, everything had gone to shit. Get bored too easily is my problem. Oh yeah, the 26th Feb is my birthday - 32. I have no feelings either way about that. I looked at some pictures the other day and wondered if it was really me. So I will probably do the same when I get even older. Feb is gonna a busy month and I'm plenty excited about stuff I might be doing. Like: 1/ 22nd Feb: Breakspoll Awards 07 Afterparty at Fabric, London So there & Kesh is up for it too - £12.50 tickets! 2/ 17th Feb: Slackers Convention, Concord 2, Brighton Ditto! 3/ 24/25 Feb: Scriptwriting Retreat Not sure if they booked me on the course for sure or not.... I will probably get immensely bored at some point between now and then too, which is the really sad thing. I hope they don't start asking me to actually do work at my job (just kidding!). Happy 007 to everyone & I hope you all get what you deserve ! Remember: it's not the bold moves you make on the dancefloor that make things happen, but the unconscious buttons you drop as you walk through the forest when you sleep that really make the poppies blaze through the weeds. Merry new year! A x

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Blogger Gabs said...

Hiya, nice to see you the other night, and congratulations on the pending premier.


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