Monday, December 11, 2006

Rule Number 338

Apparently I have a penchant for rules. I've come to the realisation that: a/these rules are useful most of the time, b/ talking about the rules is foolish at the best of times and idiocy at the worst, and c/ that my hamster might be addicted to second-hand smoke. The stories are not coming on thick and strong, and this is disappointing. I did decide to go to sleep at 11am last night, woke up at 7am, but realised that changing sleep cycles at the onset of winter is not a wise move. However, I did write. Writing lots, but not as satisfactory as I hoped. Apparently, every hour of sleep before midnight is more productive than after. Writing before work, on the other hand, is infinitely more productive, so I'll follow on this trend. Write up to follow. x

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