Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rule Number 338a

Okay, I must have been tired when I wrote my last post, and I'm not sure why I wrote it. Idiot. Savant. But, there was some thimble-full of truth because I went to bed immediately following. It was about 12.30am, give or take 15 minutes. Still had my alarm set for 7.30am. WOKE UP AT 7AM. Get me. I didn't want to wake up though. I've got this thing about waking up too early on the off-chance that it'll make me exhausted by 2pm and then I'll just end up falling asleep at work on my keyboard, drool hanging off desk, boss walking in being unimpressed. You know what it's like. Well, I roused myself out of my bed after a few Jedi mind tricks, gravitated towards the kitchen, switched kettle on, wondered why I smoked a cigarette the night before after 3 weeks of not smoking, then returned to my room to write. I've been writing for almost 2 hours, and do you know what? All of my earlier laments about writing life being shit have gone away. In the middle of a new piece so I'll keep this posting short. Thought: Rule Number 338a If a signficant other decides to leave you, they should really leave you. Alone. For a very long time. They should definitely not come back to tell you how happy or depressed they are. You didn't leave them, they left you - so why should you put up with listening to them. That's the problem with people when they leave you. They think they can come back. Why is this?

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Rule Number 338

Apparently I have a penchant for rules. I've come to the realisation that: a/these rules are useful most of the time, b/ talking about the rules is foolish at the best of times and idiocy at the worst, and c/ that my hamster might be addicted to second-hand smoke. The stories are not coming on thick and strong, and this is disappointing. I did decide to go to sleep at 11am last night, woke up at 7am, but realised that changing sleep cycles at the onset of winter is not a wise move. However, I did write. Writing lots, but not as satisfactory as I hoped. Apparently, every hour of sleep before midnight is more productive than after. Writing before work, on the other hand, is infinitely more productive, so I'll follow on this trend. Write up to follow. x

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