Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I had difficult sleep last night. It was a bit like being a kid again, the night before the first day of school. I'm not sure if that's a good sign, or what. I have a job interview this morning, and I was preparing yesterday, have to prepare this morning. You can never be totally prepared for these things, even though I should - by now - be an interviewing veteran. We didn't win the pub quiz last night. However, it was great fun, especially the round where the first few seconds of ten songs are played and you have to guess the artist and song title. We missed the first song by being a bit too academic. It was De La Soul's "Me Myself and I", but the clever guys of the AudioActive 2 team also knew that the start of the song was a sample; the original was by Funkadelic. Cleverness doesn't always wash with Colin, esp if it's NOT THE RIGHT ANSWER. When KW & I got home, he played both songs....close. Very close. The most shocking song start, question number 5, I thought was Metallica, when in fact it was...."Gimme GimmeGimme" by Abba??What? I won't list all of the obscure facts that will only stay in my brain for another six hours (how many time zones are in the United States? - which I would have gotten wrong). Coffee, read, think, wash, dress, reconfigure my outfit three times, then move. It's Tuesday, it's not raining, and it's actually sunny. Promising.

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