Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A life coach points out the obvious

Sick, again. My boss suggested I take multi-vitamins, which will surely cure of me of any malaise I might encounter in about 15 years time. If you don't hear from my for some time, or any extended period of time in fact, it means I'm actually writing in my notebook - a good thing. I've put the 2nd novel on hold to keep all shreds of sanity intact while I go through the grinding "looking for a job" machine. Still no word on Interview 2, nor on my current job situation, which is unfolding on a daily basis like some bastard cousin of "Neighbors". Brighton will soon be a landfill of redundancy casualties on this side of xmas - even the CSA is laying off loads of people. The local NHS Trusts are shedding people. Urgh. So, I'm writing stories. One at a time. All set in Brighton. Subject to be confirmed. 10 in total. I'm not particularly inspired by Brighton at the moment, even though I am enjoying my daily "bumble" (to appropriate wordage from Kesh) around the place. Oh well. Went on a life coaching session in Chichester. One of those things that I've always read about in the Insight as a WAY OF CHANGING YOUR LIFE NOW ! but never thought I'd be lucky enough to try it. As it happens, I signed up for a scheme for women working in digital media, where they offer all sorts of free training and bursaries and expenses. Super cool, if you ask me. I treked from the train station to a sort of industrial estate about 10 minutes away, where I sat in a room, sipping coffee, rambling away about all of the million and one things I had to do for my film. The eureka moment hit when the life coach asked, "So when will you know when you're finished? After the premiere? Maybe 1 or 2 festivals? What do you want? " God, what a relief. I'd inadvertantly jumped on some sort of maniac festival lane of expectations, not realising they weren't mine at all. She helped me prioritise the things I need to do, shedding the things that perhaps I may not want to do, and made a plan. I know it sounds dumb and obvious, but she nearly fell out of her chair when I presented her with all of the other plans I'd made for all of the other things I wanted to do, not including the film. "So when are you going to have the time to do all of this?" Good point. On other more important fronts, my hamster came home. I let him roam around the room on Monday night, and was too busy working to notice he'd nudged the door open and LEFT THE ROOM. I was shitting myself. I know when he's not in my room, when he's not just hiding or fallen asleep somewhere. It's like some sort of psychic link. Or rather, he's just the worst creature at playing hide and seek. Usually, if I call his name, he'll betray himself and make some sort of involuntary movement. Me, KW & Steven combed the house - nothing. I couldn't sleep that night, imagining the worse: finding him half-eaten by foxes or rats or frozen by the night chill. At about 2am, I hear scratching at my bedroom door. In fact, he just went out for last orders and came home drunk. Typical.

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