Sunday, November 19, 2006

Follow the White Rabbit

I've broken yet another spell: the "i can't go to parties anymore because I will attract weirdos/assholes" syndrome that nearly had me in its permanent clutches. After a month of harrowing experiences, meeting some unsavoury types around the city, I was beginning to take a dim view on the city I call my home and humanity in general. Maybe it's the spooky sudden darkness of autumn, but I'd begun to see a side to life that wasn't too inspiring. It began to make me consider only talking to my friends and staying in on a Saturday night was the only way forwards. However, I managed to go to 2 parties on Saturday night and had a great time so I don't think I'll be taking up the position of a recluse any time soon. First there was a brief rainstorm, and as I left the Dorset following a drink with a friend, I stood on the corner along with a few others taking refuge from the rain and saw an amazingly vivid rainbow that swept across the sky, the pot of gold landing square on Kensington Gardens. I was in the middle of making a prolonged wish, as suggested by Chris (Lunarcy) when I fortuitously ran into Marcus & Paulo, who I haven't seen in ages. Popped round to the Pedestrian pub for a drink, headed up to Paulo's and had tea with the fantastically animated Esther, then over to Kesh's for sausage, mash, cider and wine. It was at this point that I deliberated: do I stay in and watch a film or do I go with the gang to a birthday party ? Kesh smiled sweetly - "do whatever you want". I didn't know what I wanted. A bit tired, a bit jaded...ahhh, fuck it. The birthday party turned out to be for my hairdresser's girlfriend, and the start of the evening was champagne and strawberries while dancing to a gay disco in the living room. One of the guests attempted to teach me and two others what he called the waltz, but we later agreed it was clearly something he was drunkenly making up on the spot. Very sweet. Alex & co said there was a party near Hove Lawns and after saying goodnight to Paulo & AC, we walked into the dark night along the sea front. No one knew where the party was. I pressed Alex for more details. "Um, all I know is that we have to look out for a giant white rabbit". "Are you serious?" I asked him. "Yeah," he said laughing. We all figured we'd never find this elusive white rabbit - was it a person dressed up, was it a real rabbit, or was a white rabbit a euphemism we were all too young to know about? I was thinking about "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" when a guy passed us. "He looks like someone we'd know, someone who'd go to a white rabbit party," I pointed out. Ahead we could see a throng of people standing outside the flats at Brunswick. That had to be it. Our group was uncertain. "Maybe it's a different party," someone said, even though there were clearly a hundred people in the basement flat, dancing to techno, and loads of others spilling out. I volunteered to do a reccie and went inside. The hallway was lined with people and the living room was crammed. I found Dave. "Is this a white rabbit?" I asked him. "Yes," he said. I didn't notice then that his eyeballs were rolling back into his head. I retrieved my friends and we descended. The white rabbit was later spotted. A stuffed animal, sitting on top of the speaker behind the DJ booth. Most people were fucked, but inoffensive. The place was massive and no one seemed to know who was throwing the party. A lot of Spanish people (of course), and also a lot of Australians. Overall, there was a friendly frenetic vibe as most took to the dancefloor in the cavernous living room where the music shifted onto minimalist and then drum n bass. We left at 5am, some more drunk than others. I'd had a good night. I crashed at Kesh & Jill's, on the sofa, knowing that I'd sleep more soundly than I had in ages and that at least, miraculously, I wouldn't have a hangover. On the plus side, it was a social weekend, spending some time with old friends who've been neglected only by moi. I stayed in on Friday, watched Fame, slept loads. On the downside, I didn't get any of the writing done that I'd intended. However, I think I've planted some good seeds for this week. I started reading Le Carre's "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy", which I've been meaning to read for years, and I borrowed Sebastien Faulk's "Birdsong" off of Paulo, which he said nearly made him cry in parts. It's going to be a busy week, but I'm fairly certain I will get some writing done. Tomorrow it's the Community Base pub quiz and the AudioActive 2 posse, Team USA2* Fuck Yeah!!!!! (*united States of AudioActive), are going to win this time. On Tuesday, I have a job interview (brain: switch on), followed by a Mgt Comm meeting. A pre-meeting before the Lewes Prison visit on Wednesday. Then at least 1 story this story. Must. I feel hopeful. Donnie's on the loose, scrambling over the junk in my room, so I'd better go and find him before he gets lost in the fireplace.

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Blogger Gabs said...

Ah, good parties, best way to dispell the winters gloom. Though an open fire and huge pile of steaming delicious food does it pretty well too.

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