Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Low down on the down low

Things have been a bit tough as of late, which is why I haven't been writing. Have to find a new job, boyfriend has gone awol, and it's going cold now. What's up with that? Oh yeah, it is November tomorrow. On the plus side, I bought my first flat screen monitor and wireless keyboard + mouse, so I feel my mini-office has taken on a new lease of life. Very cool. Unfortunately, they didn't offer this technology in bright fushia so I have to live with an unordinate amount of black, which I detest. Work - urgh. I've got less than 2 months to find a lovely new place to go to, and I got my first interview call for Thursday. It's a community development job and looks interesting so we'll see. However, can't stop the painful process of filling out job applications. I have 2 to do before the end of the week. Do-able. The main thing that's filling the vacuum that nature abhors is bbc radio online. I love the fact that you can find a mixture of obscure, bad and great - I'm a big fan of Mark La Marr's rock n roll show and the jazz is quality too. The other thing is echinacea. I might consider buying stock in it. Haven't been able to shake off this cold, which has just been hanging around for months, it seems. Two cool things to go check out this month: http://www.stationhouseopera.com/Current/theotherisyou.htm ______________________________
(this is apparently selling out !) _____________________________ Station House Opera - The Other Is You Brighton, Groningen & Berlin 1-5 & 8-12 November 2006 Nine people from across the continent perform together in one single production. Three audiences, one in each city, experience the performance simultaneously. A basement in Brighton, a school in Groningen, and a gallery in Berlin merge to become a fourth imaginary space Station House Opera’s extraordinary new show is performed at the same moment across Europe. Projected live from each city onto three screens above the live performance, a narrative unfolds, immediate, unpredictable and alive. As the three cities merge into one, relationships form across countries. Berliners visit their sea-front and Brighton gains a canal. Languages and lovers cross over and involve us in a live puzzle. The Other Is You, performed by a truly European company, tells a story which is both universal and true to its own locality. What does it mean to be European? Are we strangers or are we family? Rehearsed and performed over the internet by a company of actors who only ever meet in cyberspace, The Other Is You is the latest ground-breaking project by experimental performance company Station House Opera.
The next Cafe Sci will be on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 21ST and will feature PROFESSOR JIM SKEA, Research Director of the UK Energy Research Centre. He will speak briefly on the subject of "UK Energy Policy: What's Science got to do with it?" before throwing it open to what promises to be a lively debate. Usual venue - The Terraces, Madeira Drive, 7.30 for 8pm. http://www.cafe-scientifique-brighton.org.uk/


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you hate black? thats not good.

you should buy paint, its the way to go.

'luck with job stuff & come for a coffee (i obv mean beer) sometime...


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