Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pride today at Preston Park, Brighton

Yes, I'm taking my camera. Only, I'm not going as a punter: I'm shaking buckets for charity again this year. Unfortunately I don't have a spectacularly garish outfit and there won't be a reappearance of D-man as Captain England, complete with the leotard, Union Jack cape and briefs. Sad, I know. He's already gone, as he has an earlier start with the parades. I've got ...oh shit, just under half an hour. I swear it was only 9am a minute ago. Oh well, I'm messing around with my new Blackberry, which I'm using as a trial before I fork over the £50 to KW. I'm trying to set it up so my gmail emails get sent to my phone, but I don't think it's gonna work. It will if I have outlook, which I could if someone who shall remain unnamed told us we could have pop accounts. The bastard. I'll corner him later. I don't suppose I'll be alive by the time I've finished my 10 hr shift, but having said that, I managed to go to a free party of the beach last summer and didn't get to sleep until 1pm the following day. Think I need another cup of coffee. It might be my last for a while. Pictures to come. I promise.


Blogger Gabs said...

hope u had fun, i missed it completely, went and hid in oxford for the weekend...

-Gabs x

9:39 AM  

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