Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not quite hiding but...

Call it a shortage of money or the start of a new sensibility - I just am not going out as much as I did say last summer. Apart from a few club nights (Slackers, Black Rock free party), I've been choosing to drink at home and work on this increasingly difficult (but enjoyable) 2nd novel. Needs must. The summer days are fading fast and I can feel the cool air and long light of autumn approaching as I sit at my computer. After writing about 100 pages, I've had to pull the reins in with the novel and am now planning to spend the next few weeks doing proper plotting and outlining so I can get this novel to make sense. I did get a week away to France and I'm going to Greece at the end of the month with a group of old work colleagues. We're going to visit Ruth, who we all worked with at the British Council what feels like a life-time ago, but was only back in '99. Then, I need to get back to work on the novel. Pride was great, but by the last hour, I lost the will to live and was grateful for Janine, who gave me a packet of cashew nuts, and Dickie, who retrieved my trousers so I looked like a walking fashion faux paux but I was at least warm. I still have bruises on the inside of my arm from hoisting the heavy plastic bucket as the Pride stragglers pushed past me. I'm hoping we raised over £20,000 this year. Went to an alternative Glastonbury party and then at 2am, we headed down to Black Rock. Some of you may have seen me go-go dancing on a wooden pole along with a Spanish gay boy - I don't know how I ended up there! Currently listening to a mix from Lee Smith "The Kliks Session", made especially for Brighton Fusion. Check it out: http://www.brightonfusion.co.uk/index.php?cmd=articles_body.php&id=pc0706 Unfortunately, the site is having a few technical hiccups, but hopefully they should be sorted out soon.


Blogger Shiny Mc Shine said...

Goodness me, you were at the Black Rock free party as well. Hanover day too. Goodness me. I'm surprised we don't bump into each other more often rather than the couple of times we do.

Hope all's well, anyway...

7:39 AM  

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