Monday, June 19, 2006

Tired from the uneventful corner of Hove

I don't have anything remarkable to say this evening. Most of my life energy was expended yesterday in a massive clear up of the house. As well as putting up a lick of white paint in the kitchen, I cleaned up about 10 years worth of grease and dirt from the top of the kitchen cupboards, did the Karate Kid thing with the conservatory windows, and discovered about 800 plastic pots in the garden which are still fairly useable. That is, if I was ever in the mood to plant 800 basil plants. I don't think so.

My highlight of the weekend, Slackers Convention, was killed off early first by a fire alarm, which sent the entire club pushed out by security, and second by a boyfriend who accused me of stealing my own money off of him. I'm not really sure how Essex boy got so drunk - I'm fairly certain we were drinking the same amounts throughout the day. It sure as hell wasn't any vitamin C since no one has been carrying anything since the recent drug busts & swabbing a few weekends ago. Maybe it was the chavy evening we spent at the dogs....

Sleep is certain. Further reading of the economic priorities throughout the region is so off my radar it makes me laugh. Maybe I'll just read. Picked up "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter", Carson McCuller's bitter-sweet tale of a deaf mute in the American South. I started reading it about 9 years ago and set it down after the first chapter. I'm glad I did. It's such a beautiful book, it wouldn't have as near as much impact if I'd read it then. The copy I'm reading is a very old 1960s Penguin Modern Classics edition. The pages are yellowed, nicotine-stained color along the edges, with a plain black cartoon on the front cover that looks like an etching. The print is impossibly small. It's a book, all in all, after my own heart. I found the book from the heaps I've found throughout the house in a particularly desperate moment, a cross between boredom and fatigue. There are so many books here, I might not have to buy another for a while.


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