Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This is Where the Weeks Go

I've been mucho busy the past few weeks. When I try to recall details of why, I can't recall much, so in lieu of a functioning memory, here is the photo evidence instead. In no specific order... 1/ Deconstruction/Reconstruction dinner 2/ Madriga at Kilburn 3/ Grant & Steven taking a smoke break 4/ Mr Black's UK tour 5/ Me at the Greyhounds 6/ Cute animal I met in the Laines 7/ Matt at birthday drinks on seafront 8/Paulo watching Marcus in a tree If you want to see more pictures from protoPLAY's performance at Brighton Fringe basement, see http://palace52.blogspot.com/


Blogger Gabs said...

i'll scan in and put up any snazzy shots i took when i eventually get around to getting the film developed!

4:10 AM  

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